14 July 2023

How much does a chauffeur driver earn? A salary guide

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The salary of a chauffeur driver is one of the most important elements to consider if you are thinking of choosing this profession. Knowing how much a chauffeur driver earns will help you get an idea of market estimates and to understand a driver’s various ways of working, as an employee or as a freelancer.
In fact, the hourly wage of a chauffeur driver is influenced by several parameters, such as the classification of contract, the city in which they work, the company they work for, the number of hours or services they undertake.

Let’s see together how much a chauffeur driver earns, taking all the variables into consideration.

A chauffeur driver’s salary: what is it affected by?

It’s not easy to talk about a chauffeur driver’s salary in absolute terms, as there are numerous factors that can change the average earnings of a driver. Here are the most relevant parameters:

  • The experience
  • The classification of contract
  • The routes
  • The workplace
  • The costs

The experience

The first factor to influence a chauffeur driver’s salary is their experience in the field. Professional experience as a driver can be a determining factor in setting the salary.

Typically, drivers with years of experience in the industry earn more than those with little experience. A driver’s experience can also affect the quality of the service offered; as a result, a high quality service helps to build customer loyalty and generate positive word-of-mouth, increasing earnings.

The classification of contract

Chauffeur drivers can work both as employees of a company, by signing a regular contract for chauffeur driven car services, or as freelancers with a VAT number. Or yet, there are also professionals who operate as entrepreneurs in the field of chauffeur driven car rental, thus working as a company. In all these cases, the salary and, in general, the net income of a chauffeur driver can change a lot.

The routes

The routes managed by the driver can cause significant fluctuations in the monthly or daily balance. For example, if a chauffeur offers airport transfers for entrepreneurs and city tours for tourists, they may have higher margins on the sale of their services than someone who only manages urban routes.

The workplace

The salary of a chauffeur driver can also vary a lot depending on the city in which they operate or the country in which they practice the profession. In some Italian cities, for example, the demand for chauffeur driven car services could be higher, allowing drivers to work with higher rates.

The costs

The fixed and variable costs of a chauffeur driven car service influence the net income of a driver. This assumption holds true for individuals with a VAT number or a company who need to calculate the impact of expenses in order to determine a fare to charge the final consumer. The expenses for a chauffeur driven car service can include fuel, vehicle maintenance, taxes, licenses and insurance.

How much does a chauffeur driver earn per year?

Even if the salary of a chauffeur driver varies greatly based on the parameters we have described, we can speak of market averages. According to Talent’s estimates, a chauffeur driver earns around €12 an hour.
The average salary for a chauffeur driver in Italy amounts to €22,500 a year for junior professionals. More experienced drivers, on the other hand, can even reach €30,000 a year.

For drivers in the UK, on the other hand, the average salary amounts to around £25,350 a year for entry level figures (around £13 an hour).

It’s a different matter, however, for chauffeur drivers who have a company or a VAT number: in this case, the earnings can be even much higher, depending on the number of rides handled, the country in which they operate and the number of customers they work with.

How much does a chauffeur driver earn per month?

Considering the estimates we mentioned above in a monthly context, we can say that in Italy a chauffeur driver earns an average of €1,200 a month if they have little experience, and up to €1,800-2,000 a month if they have more years of experience.

How many hours a day does a chauffeur driver work?

The total hours worked by a chauffeur driver depend on their employment contract, if they are employed by the company. There may be full-time contracts, with 40 hours of work per week, or contracts with reduced total hours (20 or 30, for example). In the case of freelancers, on the other hand, working hours are much more flexible and depend on the driver’s objectives and needs.

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