13 June 2023

How to become a Chauffeur driver: the complete guide

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To understand how to become a Chauffeur driver, the first step is to know the requirements in order to start the profession and obtain a professional license

Becoming a Chauffeur driver in the big cities is a great professional opportunity, perfect for those who loves to drive a vehicle and handle itineraries for tourists, entrepreneurs, VIPs and celebrities.

To become a Chauffeur driver there’s a specific process to follow, with several important steps to access the profession. Let’s take a look at them together.

What is the Chauffeur service?

The Chauffeur service is a public unscheduled transport service that allows the clients to “book” a vehicle and a driver to handle one or more transfers.

Unlike the scheduled means of transport like buses or trains, the Chauffeur service doesn’t have fixed timetables and prices: it is, in fact, a fully customisable service. The customer can choose his driver, the vehicle on which he travels, departure and arrival points, days and times.

The Chauffeur service is often used by entrepreneurs and managers for work and airport transfers, but also for exhibitions, events, congresses, city tours and travels.

How to work as a Chauffeur driver

Chauffeur drivers have the task to accompany their clients to the settled destinations, while planning the best itinerary. Among the duties of a Chauffeur driver are:

  • Handling different itineraries based on the departure point and the destination, in a way that the route is the most comfortable for the client;
  • Accompany managers, entrepreneur and professionals on their representative trips, conferences, corporate meetings;
  • Accompany a group of tourists in their leisure travels in different locations;
  • Handling airport transfers, or to stations for one or more people;
  • Listening to the client in case of special needs for their trip. For example if there are kids or elderly people traveling;

How to become a Chauffeur driver in the UK?

To become a Chauffeur driver, there are different laws depending on the country in which you wish to work.

Generally the most common requirements are:

  • Owning a driving license for at least three years;
  • Having turned twenty one;
  • Having an established toponymic knowledge;
  • Having a legitimate permit;
  • Having the physical requirements to enter the profession. For example, in London you have to meet the standards of DVLA Group 2;
  • Not having a criminal record.

What are the differences between a Chauffeur driver and a taxi driver?

We have mentioned that even if the same law is applied to Chauffeur drivers and taxi drivers, there are actually several differences between the two professions.

Let’s take a look at them together:

  • The price of the rides. Taxi drivers make journeys with variable costs, which depend on the taximeter. With the taximeter, the customer cannot know in advance how much he will spend for the ride, because the costs are influenced by travel time and traffic. The Chauffeur driver, on the other hand, always offers fixed costs: the cost of the Chauffeur service is communicated in advance and does not change in the event of traffic or other factors;
  • Taxis can stop in designated areas to wait for customers. A Chauffeur-driven car, on the other hand, may not stop in the street to receive customers: the vehicle may only move when booked
  • Chauffeurs have no time or day constraints: they can work 24/7. Taxis, on the other hand, work in shifts;
  • Chauffeur-driven cars have a wide range of vehicles, generally mid- to high-end, from which a customer can choose in advance; this is not the case with taxis, as the choice is often tied to what is on offer at the lay-by;
  • The Chauffeur driver can be booked in advance, also via app. Taxis are mostly taken at lay-bys, where there can also be considerable delays or queues;
  • Unlike taxis, Chauffeur-driven cars can be any color.

How much does a Chauffeur driver earn?

The salary of a Chauffeur driver can vary depending on how the profession is carried out. Unlike taxi drivers, Chauffeur drivers have much more freedom of choice about how and when they work: you can work as an employee or as a freelancer, and you can potentially decide on working days and hours.

That is why salaries can vary a lot. To give an example, in London a Chauffeur driver can earn an average of £20-25 per hour.

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