21 June 2023

Chauffeur driver: what does he do and how much does he earn

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The Chauffeur service is an increasingly popular mobility solution among tourists, entrepreneurs, VIPs and celebrities. That is why the profession of Chauffeur driver is highly sought after and offers many opportunities for growth and earnings.

If you love driving and engines, you will certainly be interested in understanding how to become a Chauffeur driver, what he does, how much he earns and how to move your first steps in this profession.

Here’s the profile of this profession and what to do to be successful in this market.

Who is the Chauffeur driver?

The Chauffeur driver is a professional who plans an itinerary for his customers, welcomes them and drives them to their destination.

Typically the Chauffeur driver is booked for representative trips, airport transfers, tourist tours, events, fairs and congresses. He is therefore a professional who can work with a very varied clientele, from entrepreneurs to celebrities.

What does the Chauffeur driver do?

The Chauffeur driver has several responsibilities that have to do with itineraries management, passenger care, vehicle control and maintenance.

Here are the most important tasks of a Chauffeur driver:

  • Transfer management. The Chauffeur driver must manage the journey planned by the customer, ensuring the highest levels of comfort and privacy. A professional driver knows how to manage the itinerary perfectly and can get his customer to his destination in the shortest possible time;
  • Passenger care and reception. The Chauffeur driver must welcome the customer politely and kindly, to make him feel immediately at ease
  • Vehicle maintenance. The Chauffeur driver is responsible for the maintenance and cleaning of the vehicle. The Chauffeur drivers must keep their vehicle in optimal conditions ensuring that it is always clean and safe.

How to become a Chauffeur driver: the requirements

To become a Chauffeur driver you will need to fulfill a number of requirements, which are indispensable for entering the profession.

Every Country defines its own criteria for practicing the profession. For example, in Italy, the requirements are defined by the Law No. 21 of 1992 and by its subsequent amendments. In London, instead, drivers must be subject to the Public Carriage Office (PCO).

Some of the constants valid in most of the countries are:

  • Owning a driving license for at least three years;
  • Having turned twenty one;
  • Having an established toponymic knowledge;
  • Having a legitimate permit;
  • Having the physical requirements to enter the profession. For example, in London you have to meet the standards of DVLA Group 2;
  • Not having a criminal record.

How does the Chauffeur driver’s license work?

In some countries you may need an additional license to enter the profession. For example, in Italy there is the CAP (Professional Qualification Certificate), an extra exam to obtain the professional license.

In other countries, a driving license is often enough.

The skills of a Chauffeur driver

Let’s now talk about the skills that every Chauffeur driver should have. The typical client of a Chauffeur service is a high-profile one: they are tourists, managers, entrepreneurs, CEOs, politicians, VIPs and celebrities.

Here’s why in addition to the technical skills, you’ll also have to have a certain standing and the ability to deal with a very demanding clientele.

Speaking of skills, certainly Chauffeur drivers must:

  • Know the roads perfectly and be able to find his way around the city. The Chauffeur driver must be well informed about the roads, the streets and the directions in the area where he works;
  • Know how to behave discreetly. Those who choose a Chauffeur-driven car want a high-end service with the highest levels of discretion and privacy: that is why it is important to be discreet with your clients, especially VIPs, politicians and celebrities;
  • Have communication skills. A Chauffeur driver has to communicate clearly and effectively with his passengers, providing information about the journey, answering questions and handling any requests;
  • Know the basic rules for maintaining your vehicle. Chauffeur drivers also have the responsibility to have a safe and controlled vehicle.

Who does a Chauffeur driver work with?

A Chauffeur driver works with a very diverse clientele. Specifically:

  • Entrepreneurs, CEOs and managers. These professionals often choose a private driver for representative trips to accompany their clients to their company or to get to exhibitions or congresses;
  • Tourists that want to enjoy their holiday comfortably without the classical limitations of public transport;
  • VIPs and celebrities who want a private trip, away from prying eyes;
  • Whoever wants to move easily from one place to another, without putting up with the chaos of public transport.

How much does a Chauffeur driver earns?

In order to know how much a Chauffeur driver actually earns, more information is needed, such as the working mode (if as a freelancer or an employee), working hours and days, experience and the accrued customer base.

The salary can vary considerably based on the country and the city where the driver works.

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